Staff, is our most important partner, is our most important asset. Excellent people build outstanding enterprises, outstanding enterprises to attract outstanding talent, we have the talent as the first resource, the pursuit of employees, enterprises, social harmony and the development of a high degree of unity.

Talent view

Facing the rapid changes in global capital of strong competitors, incredible, difficult to predict the capital market, professional, strain and innovation is the core ability. Therefore, having a professional team with innovative ability is the foundation of our survival. The future of sea silver will depend on whether we have a good team. Excellent team needs us to create a suitable environment for them. We have been adhering to the simple, direct way of work, the pursuit of happiness, the goal of a happy life.


We are a rapid rise in China's domestic financial enterprises, and we have no talent and capital advantages of transnational capital giant, we do not have the natural advantage of state-owned resources, and we create the ability and cultural atmosphere for the rapid response to changes in the market, we give outstanding individual and team of entrepreneurial opportunity, we give professional managers play space and platform for talents, we are also creating and constantly strive to improve the soil for their growth and rewards. With us, you are happy.

What type of partner should we need?

If you do not have the ability to be simple, if you are a word too real, if you fear change, if you can not integrate into the changes in the international capital market, you must not be our partner. If you dare to challenge yourself, to adapt to the change, fast learning, honest and trustworthy that please join us, because you, we will become more exciting, more beautiful.
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